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FENIXFALT©  : Technology

FENIXFALT© additives :

  • chemicaly regenerate aged bitumen ; produced in small granules containing active principles (easy to handle and to store), they are introduced in th mixer and added to recycled materials.
  • allow to produce a binder whose properties are at least equivalent to those of a new refined bitumen, which can be used as standard or modified bitumen, for surface or binder courses. The choice of the bitumen grade to be obtained  according to the resistance of the aged binder will, in very limited instances, require to add lub oil during the mixing process. 


FENIXFALT© technology allows to regenerate the wholeness of the used binders by transforming them and by giving them  superior rheological properties. It can be applied to all types of aged bitumen, enabling their regeneration into new bitumen. By extension of the process, the regenerated bitumen can be chemically transformed into high performances modified bitumen.

Regenerating is different from recycling !

Currently, 10 to 15 % of aged asphalts are recycled, but are used as a "filler", and do not contribute at all to the rheological properties of the new course.


FENIXFALT©  gathers a deep knowledge of bitumen and its behavior, and of its road applications.



Fenixfalt : Technologies

To regenerate aged bitumen allows to recycle in a better way and at much higher rates

On a road, the surface course is the one that suffers most :

  • Mechanically, it bears the whole of the intensive pressure and shear constraints ;
  • On a thermal standpoint: impact of temperature, solar radiations, and oxygen.


This is mainly bitumen which faces those parameters

By increasing the recycling rate without using regenerating additives, one contributes to reduce the proprotion of new bitumen, to dilute its properties and diminish them over time. FENIXFALT© chemical process produces a whole range of binders: from a conventional road bitumen with teh requested grade up to highly elastic modified bitumen.


Similarly to iron recycling which produces a brand new product, FENIXFALT’s performances represent a major innovation. An asphalt recycled with FENIXFALT will be reusable several times !


FENIXFALT© additives are the solution to regenerate aged bitumen.