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Product notice


Within FENIXFALT’s range of products, REGEFALT is the one enabling the highest hot recycling rate allowed by asphalt plants. The REGEFALT process regenerates the aged bitumen contained in recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). The new bitumen resulting from the mix of the old and the new binder will perform at least equally or even better than new bitumen.

What is REGEFALT RT designed for ?

REGEFALT RT enables the largest addition of aged asphalt within the asphalt produced. Most hot mix plants currently available cannot recycle more than 50%, due to their heat transmission process. The new generation of plants being more efficient in this respect, this rate will be increased up to 60/65%, with a very high level of quality for the asphalt obtained.

How does REGEFALT RT work ?

REGEFALT RT triggers an irreversible chemical process of reduction on the oxidized components included in aged bitumen, which facilitates the interpenetration of old and new particles, and leads to a harmonious integration of the components of the new bitumen.


The standard morphology of the aged bitumen gets modified. The natural increase of its rigidity goes together with an increase of its elasticity, which then modifies the characteristics of standard bitumen. This level of transformation is directly linked to the quantity of aged asphalt (RAP) used, i.e. to the proportion of aged bitumen contained in the regenerated binder.

Types of bitumen obtained with REGEFALT RT

All the bitumen penetration grades can be obtained.

Starting with the aged bitumen characteristics, the desired recycling rate, and the grades of the new added bitumen, all the range of road binders complying with specifications can be obtained. In some instances, the addition of a flux can be required - particularly if the penetration of the aged bitumen is below 20 - depending on the desired recycling rate, on the maximum penetration grade of the available added new bitumen, and on the desired penetration rate for the binder produced.

REGEFALT RT offers a solution for each specific case.



The additive REGEFALT RT is in the form of small granules, made for being integrated within the two bitumen  (aged and new) which, through the hot mixing process, lead to the final reconstituted binder.

Characteristics of the added binder

The added bitumen to be used with REGEFALT RT is a conventional one. The choice of its grade will depend of the required characteristics of the reconstituted binder, taking into account those of the aged bitumen, and also its recycling rate.

Notice of use

  • REGEFALT RT can be introduced:

    • either in the mixer when aged asphalt (RAP) mixes with new hot aggregates, and new bitumen is added

    • or in the flow of aged asphalt (RAP) which gets into the dryer drum mixer.

Heat conditions with REGEFALT RT

The REGEFALT RT process requires a minimum coating temperature of 160°C, preferably 170 °C!  If required by the construction site, a higher temperature (180/190°C) can be used.

Quantity of REGEFALT RT be used

The quantity of additive REGEFALT RT to be used is proportional to the rate of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) introduced, as well as its bitumen content.


Technical informations of this document are the user guide for the additive. Under no circumstances can FENIXFALT be held liable for the use of this product and for the results obtained outside above mentioned recommendations  regarding regeneration of old binders by partial recycling. In such event, the choice and the fine tuning of implementation would be done under the exclusive responsibility of the users.