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REGEMAC© winner of the Road Innovation Competition 2011.

In 2011, REGEMAC © was declared winner of the French Road Innovation Competition. REGEMAC allow the production of PMB from aged bitumen. With REGEMAC, the reclaimed asphalt pavements are recycled without rate limiting. Chemically cross linked elastomeric binders are obtained. REGEMAC hot mix asphalt produced, offer a solution to the problems of the durability and firmness of wearing course with very heavy traffic.



FENIXFALT© was remarked as a major technical innovation

FENIXFALT© was remarked as a major technical innovation by the board of the 2009 road innovation competition organized by SETRA ( French Technical Department for Transport, Roads and Bridges Engineering and Road Safety)


FENIXFALT© : a new life for roads !

FenixFaltOur background

FENIXFALT© was created in 2009 in the South Western part of France by Emile LOPEZ is CEO, inventor of the FENIXFALT© technology and process. He is an expert of bitumen chemistry, with 35 years of experience on international roadworks projects; he was successfully  involved in the business dvelopment of a "blockbuster"  in the field of bituminous binders.


Besides management, FENIXFALT© share capital includes well known venture capital organizations such as Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne and Herrikoa. 


FENIXFALT© is also sponsored by the Aquitaine Region, through a long term financial aid. 


Our business: regeneration and improvement of aged bitumen

FENIXFALT© designs, manufactures, and sells additives  for:


  • the regeneration of old bitumen contained in aged asphalts, allowing to recycle them at very high rates into conventional or modified bitumen.
  • the modification and the improvement of the physical properties of  new or aged bitumen and bituminous binders. 


  Fenixfalt : nos activités