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REGEMAC© winner of the Road Innovation Competition 2011.

In 2011, REGEMAC © was declared winner of the French Road Innovation Competition. REGEMAC allow the production of PMB from aged bitumen. With REGEMAC, the reclaimed asphalt pavements are recycled without rate limiting. Chemically cross linked elastomeric binders are obtained. REGEMAC hot mix asphalt produced, offer a solution to the problems of the durability and firmness of wearing course with very heavy traffic.



FENIXFALT© was remarked as a major technical innovation

FENIXFALT© was remarked as a major technical innovation by the board of the 2009 road innovation competition organized by SETRA ( French Technical Department for Transport, Roads and Bridges Engineering and Road Safety)

FENIXFALT© : an economical solution

Additifs FenixfaltFor project owners and for road contractors

  • savings on transportation and disposal of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP/aged asphalts)
  • savings on material costs, more particularly on bitumen, in a situation of sharp increase of oil products, and scarcity of mineral resources.


For asphalt manufacturers (plants already equipped with recycling units)

  • savings on raw materials
  • no or very limited need to invest in order to add our additives and reach a recycling rate of up to 50% (REGEFALT© and REGEMAC©) depending on the recycling unit capacity:
    • the granule form of our additives is compatible with existing plants, for their handling, as well as for dosing them
    • using FENIXFALT© only requires the installation of an additional smaller silo (similar to filler silos) with a dosing system, and to create a link to regulate the various flows (limited costs)

    • a quick payback to install the oven (REGEMOD© process available in 2013) making it possible to reach a 100% recycling rate. 

The amount of savings depends on several factors

The main one is the rate of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) incorporated in the new asphalt produced, which generates the saving on raw material. Besides this, the quality of the aggregates, the way the hot mix asphalt is implemented, and also the type of bitume and  the penetration desired.


At a 50% recycling rate,net saving on raw material ranges between 15  and 25% for a conventional asphalt, and 10 to 15%  for a standard modified asphalt.


 Fenixfalt : Economie


Economic data of recycling with regeneration of asphalt cement.




In general, the economic model of recycling asphalt 

pavement responds to a simple law of type:
y = ax wherein E: the economy generated by recycling is a function of r and A, respectively rate and
parameter of the recycling.


Recycling economy : E


        E  = A * r









 A₁ recycling case without recycling regeneration limited to 20/25%.


A₂ FENIXFALT case with r can reach 100% 


Not to be confused: the recycling economy, which defines the relationship between parameters and material data of the technic and gain or margin, which is the basis of the foundation of the economic activity of the company.

A parameter will depend on economic data: price of bitumen, aggregates and FENIXFALT additives, the amount of bitumen in the Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement as cost of obtaining RAP reincorporated.
The exploitation of these data leads to the graph expressing the FENIXFALT margin based on recycling rates and the production price of the RAP.