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REGEMAC© winner of the Road Innovation Competition 2011.

In 2011, REGEMAC © was declared winner of the French Road Innovation Competition. REGEMAC allow the production of PMB from aged bitumen. With REGEMAC, the reclaimed asphalt pavements are recycled without rate limiting. Chemically cross linked elastomeric binders are obtained. REGEMAC hot mix asphalt produced, offer a solution to the problems of the durability and firmness of wearing course with very heavy traffic.



FENIXFALT© was remarked as a major technical innovation

FENIXFALT© was remarked as a major technical innovation by the board of the 2009 road innovation competition organized by SETRA ( French Technical Department for Transport, Roads and Bridges Engineering and Road Safety)

Mains achievements




Realisation of two works in the region of Dijon with REGEFALT and REGEMAC additives by ROGER MARTIN company. (RAP 40%)

RD 996  7/ 12/2011 – 1,4 km (Road Innovation Competition 2009)

                                                RD7  7/ 16/2011 – 4 km Sombernon






 Work in Caceres (SPAIN - Extremadura) by JOCA wearing course with REGEFALT and REGEMAC. (RAP 30%)

                                                                                           RN 521 8/12/2011 






 Jobsite REGEDREN in A132 with an hot mix asphalt open grade by LEFOLL Group : 09/15 and 09/19/201. (RAP 30%)








REGEFALT: hot mix asphalt with strengthening properties (HMA with heavy modulus) by TRABET Compagny RD 603 in Moselle department (57) near METZ. (RAP 50%)




Achievements 2012


Test work Innovation with REGEMAC (RAP 40%) – RD 9 ISSOUDUN (36) 10/2//2012















Test work Innovation with REGEMAC (RAP 40%) – RD 67 CHAMPLITTE (70) 10/8/2012